WH25 Weld On Hubs



Technical Specifications

Type Type-WH
Outside Diameter 115 mm
Overall Length 44 mm
Application Suitable for bush no 2517.


    • Made of steel Drilled, tapped, and taper bored to receive standard Taperlock® bushes
    • Extended flange provides a convenient means of welding hubs into fan
      rotors, steel pulleys, plate sprockets, impellers, agitators and many
      other devices which must be firmly fastened to the shaft
    • Easy to install
    • Tightening the screws contracts the bore of the bush, thereby locking
      it to the shaft with the equivalent of a press fit, eliminating
      mounting difficulties and preventing loosening and wear on the hub
      during operation
    • Type ‘WH’ weld-on hub is a low cost product designed for applications
      of relatively low torque, requiring only moderate weld strength
    • Heavy run of weld on the ‘WH’ hub may cause some distortion of the
      taper bore


  • Suitable for use in severe operating conditions