china supplier Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal Tire Mold/Graffiti/Ceramic/Wood/Auto/Ship/Painting manufacturers

Item Description

Laser CZPT ing CZPT for Rust Elimination Tire Mildew/Graffiti/Ceramic/Wood/Vehicle/Ship/Painting 
Automated runnng, easy set up, control and operation. When CZPT on, just open the unit, you can clean with out adding chemical reagent, medium, dust, h2o. The laser cleaning device can very clear the area resin, oil, filth, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint, etc.
Flat and curved surface area are cleaned extensively. CZPT rust elimination device(laser cleaning machine) is with transportable laser gun.


Product Application of laser cleaning machine

1. CZPT or glass floor coating removing, quick removal of paint

two. Fast rust elimination and CZPT oxides

3. Eliminate grease, resin, gum, dust, stains, and generate residue

4. Roughening of metal floor

five. Just before welding or bonding, get rid of paint, rust, grease, weld oxide, residue remedy

six. Mold cleaning, such as tire mildew, electronic mold, meals mold

7. Right after the manufacturing of precision elements, oil removing

8. Swift cleaning of nuclear CZPT device servicing

9. Aerospace weapons, procedures for the manufacture or servicing of ships, elimination of paint, rust removal

10. CZPT floor cleaning in narrow space

11. Cultural relics cleaning, rock cleansing, exterior cleansing of properties.

Laser Head Photograph and Dimensions

Total CZPT Photograph and Size

Benefit Comparison

Merchandise Laser CZPT ing  Chemical CZPT ing Mechanical  Polish Dry CZPT (CO2) CZPT ing Ultrasonic cleansing
Cleansing Strategy Laser and CZPT -make contact with kind Chemical agent,Get in touch with CZPT ing Mechanical/ abrasive paper, speak to cleansing Dry CZPT (CO2), CZPT -make contact with variety Cleansing agent,Get in touch with kind
Damage for workpiece No injury With harm With injury No hurt No hurt
Cleaning Effectiveness Higher Lower Reduced Medium Medium
Consumable Just with CZPT ctricity  Chemical cleaning agent abrasive paper grinding wheel, oilstone Dry CZPT (CO2) Unique CZPT ing Agent
Powerful Excellent with high cleanliness Typical,
Frequent, CZPT -uniform Superb , non-uniform Excellent , small cleaning area
Accuracy  Precise Management, CZPT Accuracy Non-control,
Lowe Precision
Common Accuracy
Lowe Accuracy
Can not clear in unique location
Protection / Pollution No Pollution  Environment Air pollution Atmosphere Air pollution No Air pollution No Air pollution
Handling by workers  Straightforward Procedure,
Handheld / Automation
Sophisticated procedure,It is with high necessity for operator, have to have preventive measure  With a lot labor cost and have to have preventive evaluate Basic Operation, Handheld / Automation Straightforward Procedure, but have to add consumables
Expense Comparison  Large first CZPT , No consumables , 
Reduced Servicing Value
Minimal very first investment, Really CZPT Consumables cost  High first CZPT , substantial consumables cost & high labor price Medium initial CZPT , high consumables value Low very first investment, Medium Consumables cost

Relevant discipline and content:

Materials: metallic and CZPT metallic
Industries: Shipbuilding market, CZPT Portion, CZPT Mould, CZPT level  CNC machining,  tools, Tyre mildew, Rail, CZPT al CZPT business, CZPT & Non-metal areas, and so on.

Solution Parameter

Equipment model


Laser CZPT






Fiber CZPT Source

 MAX /RAYCUS/IPG) of laser cleansing machine

Laser Wavelength

 1064 nm

Cooling Technique



Drinking water CZPT

Water CZPT


Cooling H2o



Deionized h2o

Deionized drinking water

Deionized water

Complete CZPT






Scan Width






Excess weight of CZPT ing Head

four.5kg of laser cleaning device

H2o Temperature


Cleaning Samples:

Packing Detail

Company Profile

HangZhou Label CZPT CZPT & CZPT nology Co.,Ltd. has been specialised in exploring and manufacturing industrial laser marking equipments, laser processing equipments and giving marking options for CZPT ers since 2000.

Why choose us

A. More than 18 years laser marking, cleaning, processing, production, investigation and layout prosperous encounter. 
B. Professional technical team for CZPT ized industrial laser marking program.

C. Much more than 3000+marking solution situations amassed in domestic and oversea markets.

D. one hundred% rigid QC for both raw supplies and completed items.

E. Utility Product Patent Certificates,associated 3M Flexible label paper marking,Nameplate CZPT marking ,Engine cylinder block and head move-sort car marking,Auto forged wheel hubs pass-variety vehicle marking, copyright of pc application,and so on.

F. ISO,CE,SGS licensed and total aftersales service crew.


Q1: What kind of the device appropriate for us?
Please inform us what material will be processed. Sample with cleansing pictures and films will be sent to you for checking. 
Q2: If we do not know how to use the device,can you educate us?
Of course, we will. Our user manuals are jointly with merchandise cargo. We can also send procedure movie to you for study.

If you appear to CZPT manufacturing unit in CZPT , CZPT specialists will provide you free education until you can use equipment freely.
Our specialist engineer can occur to your region for trainning, set up, altering, ect.

Q3: How about the shipping time?
For regular device, direct time is fifteen-twenty times. 
Relating to CZPT ized machine, we need to check with specialists.

 Our CZPT s: 






The tractor’s quick shaft, frequently referred to as the PTO, transmits power from the tractor to the PTO-pushed machine or device. Electricity transfer is achieved by connecting the machine’s driveshaft to the tractor’s PTO stub shaft. The PTO and driveshaft have been operate at 540 rpm (9 cycles/sec) or one thousand rpm (16.6 cycles/sec). At any pace, their rotation is proportional to the pace of the tractor motor. Most incidents involving PTO stubs are owing to clothes getting caught by a busy but unsuspecting PTO stub. Causes a PTO stub may continue to be engaged include: the operator forgets or does not know the PTO clutch is engaged sees the PTO stub spinning but thinks it is not hazardous ample to release it, or the operator is engaged in function pursuits. Shoelaces, pant legs, overalls and coveralls, sweatshirts, and trench coats are garments that can be grabbed and wrapped close to spinning PTO spools.
china supplier Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal Tire Mold/Graffiti/Ceramic/Wood/Auto/Ship/Painting manufacturers