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Product Description

Anti Deformation Sand Control Display screen Tube, CZPT Steel Profile Wire Display Pipe


SUS 304 Wound Johnson Profile Wire Wrap Display Tube 5800mm Size



Sand Handle Display screen Tube, CZPT Steel Profile Wire Display Pipe Merchandise Description:


Substantial Top quality SUS 304 Wound Johnson Profile Wire Wrap Display Tube is made of the constant slot,created to give optimum open are to reduce entrance velocity, improve hydraulic performance and advertise more efficient advancement.The two the internal and outer screens shall be built of V-formed wire continually wrapped close to an array of similarly spaced support rods of the same content.Each and every junction of wire/rod make contact with shall be resistance welded.The wrapped wire is V condition, and the assistance rod is O form. CZPT from exterior to within.


Sand Manage Display screen Tube, CZPT Metal Profile Wire Display Pipe Specification:


Content Stainless metal
Quality 304
O.D 219 mm
Dimension eight”
Slot dimension .5mm
Duration two hundred m
End relationship None
Wire size 93 #
Help rod 118 #
Wire condition V condition


Sand Control Display screen Tube, CZPT Metal Profile Wire Display Pipe Normal Specs:




















three-1/2 88.nine 1. 3 >22 10.two two.3*3.5 3.8MM/22
4-1/two 114.three one. 3 >28 11.five two.3*3.five 3.8MM/22
6-5/8 168.three .seventy five 5.eight >40 twelve.8 2.3*3.5 3.8MM/32
6-5/eight 168.3 1. five.8 >33 twelve.8 two.3*3.5 3.8MM/32
six-5/eight 168.three .63 5.8 >83 forty five 3.2*6. 6.0MM/32
eight-5/8 one. 5.eight >34 21.9 two.3*3.5 three.8MM/48
eight-5/eight 219.1 one. 5.8 >50 38.2 3.*5. 4.0MM/48
eight-5/8 one. five.8 >60 forty six three.2*6. 5.0MM/forty eight
ten-3/4 .seventy five 5.eight >50 32.9 two.3*3.five four.9MM/fifty five
10-3/four 273.1 one. five.8 >60 39.five 3.*5. four.9MM/55
ten-3/4 273.1 one. five.8 >100 48 3.2*6. 5.0MM/fifty five
twelve-3/4 323.nine one. five.eight >120 37.2 three.*5. four.0MM/fifty
14 355.six 1. three >80 37.8 3.*5. 4.0MM/59


Sand Manage Display Tube, CZPT Steel Profile Wire Screen Pipe Efficiency attributes:

one. Multi-layer sand handle filter set has large-performance sand control performance, which can much better block the development sand and meet the demands of underground sand manage.
two. The filter holes are uniform, and the permeability and anti-blocking efficiency are substantial.
3, large filtration area, tiny circulation resistance, higher oil yield
four, stainless steel material superb corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt corrosion, can adapt to the specific demands of oil wells, the hole will not steadily grow to be greater due to corrosion.
five. The multi-layer construction is welded integrally, which can make the filter gap steady and has powerful anti-deformation potential.




OEM service:


Remember to explain to us the specification of the wire display you need, and we will aid you to process the higher good quality goods.


Personalized range


Filter pipe content: mainly stainless steel, carbon steel galvanized, carbon metal spray or other CZPT er specifications materials.

Hole: .1mm-15mm, arbitrarily picked screen size to meet up with distinct building requirements.

Diameter: 2 ” 3 ” 4 ” 5 ” 6 ” 8 ” ten ” 12 ” 14 ” 16 ” 20 “. 29 mm – one thousand mm.

Length: 2.9 M, 5.85 M. Up to 6 M.

Link type: groove connection/weld ring link or thread link.


Sand Handle Display screen Tube, CZPT Steel Profile Wire Screen Pipe Application:


Drinking water sector

Meals sector

Environmental security


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china shop Anti Deformation Sand Control Screentube, Stainless Steel Profile Wire Screen Pipe manufacturers