china price Wholesale Stainless Steel 304 Fasteners DIN928 Square Weld Nuts A2 Nuts Auto Parts manufacturers

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More onefour-12 months knowledge in CZPT ener business 
The founder of HangZhou CZPT CZPT eners CZPT  Co., Ltd operates in CZPT ener market a lot more than 14 years. With this expertise, CZPT can supply the expert items and services to CZPT CZPT ers.

Delivering Get-certain Reports(Complete Inspection process )
To assure you of market place-leading solution good quality, most of CZPT  latest machines from ZheJiang . CZPT , we carry out stringent in-residence QC steps at several stages in CZPT ISO 9001:2000-certified services, storing all final results in CZPT central databank, so we can offer you with in depth order-specific test reports on tensile power, torque. And we also do Salt Spray Check for guarantee the merchandise get rusted, do the take a look at for zinc plating thickness.

Monthly potential Over 500 Tons for anchor bolts, 1000tons for Socket screws
As a single of the biggest CZPT ener producers in CZPT , we can generate more than 500 tons for anchor bolts, 1000tons for Socket screws products month-to-month. We gladly ship free of charge samples of CZPT merchandise inside seven days and can fulfill orders in 1 to two months. If you have CZPT /ODM orders to total, make contact with us nowadays.

Complete Fastener Items:
Our main products’ range include: Drop-in CZPT , Drop in anchor with Lip, Hex Bolt Sleeve CZPT , Sleeve anchor with Flange nut, CZPT anchor,  Wedge anchor, Stub bolt, Nylon anchor, Tie wire CZPT ,Hollow wall anchor ,  Swivel Band Hanger, Hex Socket Established CZPT DIN913/ 914/915/ 916-45H, Automotive Hub Bolt, Flange Head Cap Screw, Bush Hammer Bit with Alloy Guidelines,DIN912 Hex Socket Cap CZPT , DIN7991 Socket Flat Cap CZPT , ISO7380 Button Socket Head Cap CZPT , Hex keyDIN911 (Wrenches), CZPT r Bits, Hand instruments(Taking pictures resources and capturing nails) and and many others.

Solution Specifics

Items title Nuts(DIN934 Hex Nut, DIN6334 Hex CZPT Nut,DIN6923 Flange Nut,DIN985 Nylon Lock Nut,
Square Weld Nut, Slotted Nut, Spring Nut, Rivet Nut )
Material Carbon steel, Alloy steel, CZPT metal (SS201,SS304, SS316)
Steel Quality: DIN: Gr.4,5,6,8.8,10  SAE: Gr.2,5,8  ASTM: A563
Finishing Zinc(Yellow,White,Black),Hop Dip Galvanized(HDG),Black Oxide,
Geomet,Dacroment,anodization,Nickel plated,Zinc-Nickel plated
M2-M24:Chilly Froging,M24-M100 Hot Forging,
Machining and CNC for CZPT ized CZPT ener
Custom-made Items
Guide time
Busy season:twenty five-45days,Slack time:fifteen-20days
Inventory Merchandise Carbon metal:DIN934,DIN6923,DIN6334,DIN985
Stainless metal: All DIN Or GB Regular stainless metal Nut
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one. Little Packing containers Into Outer Carton

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china price Wholesale Stainless Steel 304 Fasteners DIN928 Square Weld Nuts A2 Nuts Auto Parts manufacturers