china Custom Mining & Industrial OTR Wheel Rim Multi-Piece OTR Wheel and Components for OTR Wheel Rim for OTR Wheel Steel Wheel 35-17.00/3.5 manufacturers

Item Description

Specialised in manufacturing and exporting tyres and wheels to all more than the world. And we can supply wheel rims and tires, and are particularly skilled in truck wheel, agricultural wheel and assemblies and parts for OTR wheel and CZPT wheel with multi-pieces for earthmover.

And we imagine that the top quality is the soul of an organization. Consequently, we often put quality as the frist consideration.

And we have dealed with OTR wheel for many many years. Our primary marketplaces are Australia, South Africa, South CZPT ica and Asia. We also provide CZPT service to numerous vehicle factories not only in domestic but also abroad. And We are now CZPT a extensive range of Earthmover wheels with diam from 20″ to 63″ for mine, underground, port and bridge, and so forth. And the rim parts these kinds of as bead bands, lock rings, aspect rings also can be equipped.

Parts are also can be provided this sort of as
– rim base,
– bead seat band,
– lock ring,
– side ring/flange
– CZPT crucial
– CZPT pocke
– Gutter section
– Back segment

Other CZPT OTR WHEEL RIM sizes as adhering to

Diameter Kind Description Tyres
15″ Multipieces fifteen-9.seventy five/1.37 12.00-15
15-eleven.00/1.5 fourteen.5-fifteen
16″ Multipieces 16-8.00/.83 11L-16
16.5 Multipieces 16.5-8.twenty five/.5 10-sixteen.five
16.5-9.75/.five twelve-16.5NHS
17.5″ Multipieces 17.5-10.50/.5 fourteen-17NHS
eighteen” Multipieces 18-9.00/1. 12.5/80-18
twenty” Multipieces 20-7.50/ ten.00-20
twenty-8./ eleven.00-twenty
twenty-8./2. twelve.00-20
twenty-8.fifty/1.7 twelve.00-20
20-9.00/1.7 thirteen.00-twenty
20-ten.00/1.7 14.00-20 fourteen.00R20 365/80-20
twenty-ten.00/2. 14.00-twenty 14.00R20 
20-eleven.00/1.6 twelve.5-20
20-12.00/2. 15.5-20 sixteen.00-20
20-thirteen.00/1. 16/seventeen-twenty
20-fourteen.00/2. 17.5-20
20-15.00/1. five hundred/70-508
20-15.00/ 18L-twenty
20-15.thirty/2. five hundred/70-508
21″ Multipieces 21-eleven.25/2. sixteen.00-21
21-17.00/2. 20.00-21 1300X530-533
21-eighteen.00/1.5 24.00R21 24.00-21
21-18.00/ 24.00R21 24.00-21
22″ Multipieces 22-17.00/2.  
23″ Multipieces 23-11.00/1.five fourteen.00-23
23-eighteen.00/2. 24.00-23
24″ Multipieces 24-8.00/1.7 13.00-24
24-8.50/ twelve.00-24
24-ten.00/ 14.00-24
24-10.00/2. fourteen.00-24
24-ten.00VA fourteen.00-24 16.00-24TG
24-eleven.twenty five/2. sixteen.00-24
24-fifteen.00/1. 17.5-24
24-16.00/1.1 19.5-24
24-16.00/ fifty four*21-24
25″ Multipieces twenty five-8.fifty/1.3 13.00-twenty five
25-9.50/1.7 fourteen.00R25
25-ten.00/1.five 14.00-25 14.00R25
twenty five-eleven.00/1.7 16.00-twenty five
twenty five-11.25/2. sixteen.00-25
25-twelve.00/1.3 15.5-twenty five
twenty five-13.00/2.five eighteen.00-twenty five
25-fourteen.00/1.5 seventeen.5-25
twenty five-14.00/2. seventeen.5-twenty five
twenty five-fifteen.00/3. 21.00-twenty five
25-seventeen.00/1.7 20.5-twenty five
25-seventeen.00/2. twenty.5-twenty five
twenty five-19.50/2.five 23.5-twenty five
twenty five-22.00/1.eighty four 26.5-25
twenty five-22.00/3. 26.5-twenty five
twenty five-24.00/2.5 29.5-25
twenty five-24.00/3. 29.5-25
25-25.00/3.5 26.5-twenty five
twenty five-36.00/1.five 24.00R35
26″ Multipieces 26-sixteen.00/1.1 eighteen.4-26
26-twenty.00/1.1 23.1-26
27″ Multipieces 27-21.50/2.four 57X25-27/50
27-23.fifty/2.five 57X25-27/50
27-24.50/2.four 26.00-27
28″ Multipieces 28-fifteen.00/1. sixteen.9-28
29″ Multipieces 29-seventeen.00/3.5 24.00-29
29-24.00/3. 776/65R29 775/65R29
29-24.00/3.5 776/65R29 775/65R29
29-twenty five.00/3.five 29.5R29
29-27.00/3.five 33.25R29
33″ Multipieces 33-13.00/2.5 18.00-33
33-28.00/3.five 33.5R33 36/65R33
33-32.00/4.five 37.5 R 33
34″ Multipieces 34-fourteen.00/1.3  
34-16.00/1.3 53X18-34
35″ Multipieces 35-fifteen.00/3. 21.00-35
35-17.00/3.five 24.00-35
35-22.00/3.five Strong TYRE
45″ Multipieces forty five-36.00/4.five forty five/65R45
49″ Multipieces 49-seventeen.00/3.five 24.00-forty nine
forty nine-19.fifty/4. 27.00-forty nine
51″ Multipieces 51-22.00/3. Sound TYRE
fifty one-28.00/4.5 Strong TYRE
57″ Multipieces fifty seven-29.00/6. 40.00R57 forty six/90R57
63″ Multipieces sixty three-36.00/5. 53/80R63
63-41.00/5. 55/80-sixty three
63-44.00/5. 58/eighty-63


Dia Rim Size Fitted Tyre Bolt Hole PC Dia Center Hole Dia Offset/ET
No. Dia.
twenty five” twenty five-8.fifty/1.3 13.00-25 10 24 335 281 -10
25-9.50/1.7 fourteen.00R25 ten 27 335 281 61
25-ten.00/1.5 14.00-twenty five ten 24 335 281 80
twenty five-11.00/1.7   10 26 335 281 110
25-11.25/2. sixteen.00-25 10 32.5 335 281
25-twelve.00/1.five 15.50-twenty five WITHOUT DISC A=35 B=556
twenty five-thirteen.00/2.5 eighteen.00-twenty five 10 31 480 430 sixty five
25-thirteen.00/2.5 eighteen.00-25 WITHOUT DISC A=15 B=520 C=576
25-thirteen.00/2.5 18.00-25 DOUBLE DISC A=414 B=240
25-fourteen.00/2. seventeen.50-25 ten 26 335 281 40
twenty five-14.00/2. 17.50-twenty five WITHOUT DISC A=35 B=556
25-fifteen.00/3. 21.00-25 WITHOUT DISC A=452 B=290
25-fifteen.00/3. 21.00-25 DOUBLE DISC A=452 B=240
twenty five-fifteen.00/3. 21.00-25 24 26 425 371
twenty five-17.00/2. 20.fifty-twenty five 10 seventeen 480 371
25-seventeen.00/2. 20.50-twenty five WITHOUT DISC A=35 B=556
25-19.50/2.5 23.50-twenty five ten 26 335 281
25-19.fifty/2.5 23.50-twenty five WITHOUT DISC A=30 B=560
25-22.00/1.84 26.50-25 twenty 21 511.eighteen 462 -ninety eight.8
twenty five-22.00/3. 26.50-25 twenty 22 425 370 -14
25-24.00/2.5 29.fifty-twenty five WITHOUT DISC 
25-25.00/3.five 29.50-twenty five ten 26 335 281 fifty one
twenty five-twenty five.00/3.5 29.50-twenty five WITHOUT DISC A=50 B=544 C=572
25-36.00/1.five 24.00R35 WITHOUT DISC A=432 B=889 C=89


We can provide all varieties of metal wheel rims for a lot of models which you can see below.

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china Custom Mining & Industrial OTR Wheel Rim Multi-Piece OTR Wheel and Components for OTR Wheel Rim for OTR Wheel Steel Wheel 35-17.00/3.5 makers