china Custom Addco Quick Release Splined Weld-on 3 Bolt for Steering Wheel Hub/Boss manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Merchandise Description

You are purchasing on one hundred% Brand New of:

Swift Launch Splined Weld-On 3 Bolt For Steering Wheel Hub/Boss 

Brand new weld on swift launch steering wheel manager (This is a aftermarket parts, NOT CZPT ), with a 6 bolt (On a 70mm PCD) fitment that fits For Mo** , Spar** & O*P And other unbrand steering wheels / bosses.

This is part of the vehicle steering wheel rapid release the rapid launch of the most recent generation of an enhanced variation of the deal, and compared to its predecessor variation, this version is a lot more extensive safety and more characteristics!

* Designed for swift and effortless removing of your steering wheel.

* CZPT CNC machined

* CZPT lightweight.

* 4 CZPT Steel balls lock the mechanism in place.

* Welds to your current steering column.

* Weld on shaft is coated in vivid black to avoid rust (coating does not influence welding).


Bundle include:

one Quick Launch Package + Some equipment (as pic)


*3×45mm PCD Gap fitment with 5mm drilled holes. Will match all soon after market steering wheels with a 6 hole bolt sample of pcd of 6x70mm which is 99% of all soon after industry steering wheels which incorporate OMP, Sparco, MOMO unbranded ect

* Correcting bolts and washers provided

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china Custom Addco Quick Release Splined Weld-on 3 Bolt for Steering Wheel Hub/Manager makers