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Solution Description

CZPT wrapping drum is an essential component and element of belt conveying technique. The rubber wrapping of the drum can properly boost the procedure issue of the conveying program, defend the metal drum from dress in, stop the slip of the conveyor belt, and make the drum run synchronously with the belt, so as to ensure the effective and huge volume procedure of the belt. The rubber coating of the drum can also efficiently avert the sliding friction amongst the drum and the belt, decrease the material bonding on the drum surface area, and decrease the deviation and dress in of the belt. Widely utilised in: Iron and metal, metallurgy, coal, cement, CZPT era, chemical fertilizer, grain depot, port and other industries.

Coating material

Organic rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene, EPDM, polyurethane, and so forth. can be used.

technological innovation

There are two types of rubber wrapping roller technologies. The traditional rubber wrapping technologies, this kind of as very hot vulcanization technological innovation, largely vulcanizes its rubber with the roller by way of the vulcanization tank to guarantee the bonding energy among the rubber wrapping panel and the roller. The CZPT is chilly vulcanization technological innovation, which utilizes a special cold vulcanization method to right bond its roller with the rubber wrapping panel, which can be utilized for on-site rubber wrapping, underground rubber wrapping, etc, Its technologies is a lot more CZPT d, but also significantly lowers the labor value.

Producing approach: usually, in conditions of the principal shaft of the drum, it can be divided into the following two kinds in accordance to the load: (1) the mandrel only bears bending instant, such as the shaft of the drum team (2) The rotating shaft bears bending moment and torque at the identical time, this kind of as the shaft of the transmission drum team The materials of the shaft is typically rolled or solid carbon steel or alloy steel. The normal material is medium carbon steel. No. forty five metal is the most typically utilised. For the shaft with huge pressure and limited size, and some shafts with special specifications, alloy metal can be utilised. The content is forty chromium. In accordance to the wants, the shaft typically requirements warmth treatment method or area strengthening treatment method, In purchase to increase its mechanical properties and dress in resistance, the distinction of elastic modulus between alloy metal and carbon steel is quite tiny at basic temperature, so the use of alloy steel can not increase the stiffness of the shaft The shaft content is generally subject to quenching and tempering remedy. For the transmission drum team, when the shaft energy index does not meet up with the specifications, it can also be combined and quenched and tempered, and checked according to the allowable anxiety of symmetrical circular bending The complex needs for shell design are: (1) when the shell is curled, it have to stick to the rolling path of the metal plate (2) The misalignment at the joint shall not be greater than 1mm (3) CZPT sonic or X-ray flaw detection must be carried out for the CZPT itudinal weld soon after the drum is coated with glue: ultrasonic flaw detection shall be carried out for ten%, and the weld shall get to grade II in the normal Radiographic flaw detection begins from 1 end and detects 20% of the complete length. The weld reaches grade II of the national regular. If the flaw detection length is doubled and even now unqualified, entire-duration flaw detection shall be carried out till it satisfies the specifications (4) The roundness tolerance of the rolled shell shall not exceed .5 (5) Substance: Q235 segment metal with generate strength of 235 n / m2 For medium-sized drum team and gentle-duty drum group, when the outer diameter of the hub is higher than 220mm, cast steel shall be utilised. For light-duty drum team, when the outer diameter of the hub is less than 220mm, very hot-rolled spherical metal shall be utilized, which shall satisfy the nationwide common.


An agricultural power get-off (PTO) drivetrain is a driveshaft-variety unit that connects the tractor to the implement that needs to be operated. The connection supplied by the driveline allows the unit to draw electrical power right from the tractor’s engine. Just like hydraulic machinery, a PTO’s drivetrain can ultimately are unsuccessful thanks to the rigors of every day agricultural initiatives, necessitating replacement or restore. When it is time to substitute or mend a PTO drivetrain, it is critical to pick the appropriate factors for the particular gear in use.
china wholesaler 520X950X165X1957.5mm Head Pulley manufacturers