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Merchandise Description

With presence in over 70 nations around the world across 6 continents, HangZhou J&G CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd has CZPT ly developed up an One-cease specialist provider of a extensive selection of tires & wheels, and axles in CZPT . We are to produce excellent worth to CZPT CZPT ers through target on items, innovation, technologies and value successful producing and distribution techniques.

We are specifically skilled in agricultural wheel and tyres for trailer, tractor, harvester, mix, balers, spreader, feedmixers and so on. Now CZPT goods export far more than 70 nations around the world and 60% is for OE industry. 

DOT/ISO certificate authorized.
Pack: In pallets
Qty.: 600 PCS in 40’HQ
Style: Refer to ETRTO/TRA/JATMA
Bolt hole variety: 06/205/161 06/152.4/117.7 08/203.2/152.4
Quarantee: 2 many years

Paint electro coat and rust security cost shade silver or CZPT er’s ask for.

Inch Description Wheels Tyres
15.5″ one-piece 15° DC  15.5X13.00 four hundred/sixty-fifteen.5
fifteen.5X16.00 500/fifty five-fifteen.5
16.5″ one-piece 15° DC 16.5X8.25 9.50R16.5 10-sixteen.five
sixteen.5X9.seventy five twelve-16.5EM 33X12.50R16.5
16.5X12 36×14.5-sixteen.five
17.5″ one-piece 15° DC seventeen.5X6.00HC 215/75R17.5   8R17.5
17.5X6.75HC 9R17.5   9.5R17.five
19.5″ one-piece 15° DC 19.5X11.75 15R19.five
19.5X6.00 8R19.5
19.5X6.seventy five 8R19.5   245/70R19.5   235/75R19.5
19.5X7.50 10R19.5 265/70R19.5  
19.5X8.25 285/70R19.5
19.5X13.00 fifteen.0X19.5
19.5X14.00 425/55R19.5   435/50R19.5 445/45R19.5 18-19.5 MPT
22.5″ one particular-piece 15° DC 22.5X5.5  
22.5X6.00 eight.5R22.five
22.5X6.75 9R22.5 
22.5X7.fifty 10R22.5
22.5X8.25    11R22.5
22.5X9.00     12R22.5   315/80R22.5  
22.5X9.seventy five 315/80R22.five
22.5X11.twenty five fifteen-22.5 15R22.5  16.5/70R22.5 350/60R22.5 365/70R22.5 400/55R22.5 375/90R22.5 385/65R22.5 385/55R22.5   425R22.5
22.5X12.25  425/65R22.five
22.5X13.00 16.5R22.5 16.5/70R22.5 400/55R22.5 425/65R22.5
22.5X13.five 15-22.5 16.5-22.5
22.5X14.00   18R22.5 415/45R22.5   425/65R22.5 435/45R55.5 445/75R22.5
22.5X16.00  22.5-25.5 500/45-22.5 500/60R22.5 550/forty five-22.5 550/sixty-22.five
22.5X20.00   600/50-22.5, 600/fifty five-22.5   650-50-22.five
22.5X24.00 700/40-22.5   750/45-22.five
24.5″ one-piece 15° DC 24.5X8.25 11R24.five
24.5X11.75 385/55R24.5 385/55R24.five
24.5X13.00 sixteen.5R24.5 425/65R24.five
26.5″ one-piece 15° DC 26.5X20.00 600/fifty five-26.5
26.5X24.00 seven-hundred/fifty-26.5   750/45-26.five

Paint electro coat and rust security expense colour silver or CZPT er’s request.

Dimension Variety Description Tyres
12″ one-piece 4Jx12 five.00-12
5Jx12 7.00-12  6.00-twelve
7.00×12 10./75-12  10./80-twelve
eight.50×12 eleven./sixty five-twelve
10.50ix12 26×12.00-twelve
13″ one-piece 13x4J 5.fifty-thirteen
13X4.5J 5.fifty-13      165SR13
fourteen” 1-piece 14×4.5J 6.50-14
15″ one-piece 4Jx15 five.00-15
5Jx15 6.5/80-fifteen
6LBx15 7.5L-15       
7Jx15 8./75-fifteen
8LBx15 27×10.fifty-15      11L-fifteen
10LBx15 12.5L-15      29×12.fifty-15    31×11.50-15
13LBx15 33×15.5-15    31×15.50-fifteen
15.3″ 1-piece fifteen.3X9.00 10./seventy five-15.3  eleven.5/80-fifteen.3  12.5/eighty-15.3
fifteen.5″ one-piece 15.5×13.00 400/60-15.five
16″ one-piece 16×4.5E six.00-16      6.fifty-sixteen
five.50Ex16 seven.fifty-sixteen
W7x16 210/80R16
W8x16 240/65R16  9./70-16  ten./seventy five-16  ten.00-16  ten.5/65-16
W9x16 285/70R16  eleven.00-16
17″ one-piece 17×13 15./fifty five-17
17×16 19./45-17  500/fifty-seventeen
18″ one-piece 18×9 ten.5/eighty-18  12.5/eighty-18
18×11 13.00/65-18
18×13 15.5/sixty-eighteen 405/70R18
18xW9 twelve.5/eighty-18
20″ one-piece 20xW7 eight.3-20
20xW8 9.fifty-20
20x8J 9.fifty-twenty
20xW9 eleven.2-twenty
20×13.00 405/70-20  420/65R20  425/75R20   
20.5″ one-piece 20.5×14 465/65R20.five
22″ one-piece 22xW8H  
22.5″ one-piece 22.5×11.seventy five 15R22.5  365/70R22.5  385/65R22.5
22.5×13.00 sixteen.5R22.5  425/65R22.5  415/45R22.five
22.5×14.00 18R22.5  465/65R22.five
22.5×16.00 five hundred/60-22.5  550/60-22.5  550/forty five-22.5
22.5×20.00 600/fifty-22.5  650/50-22.5  600/55-22.5
22.5×24.00 seven hundred/50-22.five
24″ one-piece 24xW7 eight.3-24
24xW8 nine.fifty-24
24xW10 eleven.2-24
24xW12 thirteen.6-24
24xW14L sixteen.9-24
DW15LX24 sixteen.9-24
24xDW16L 19.5L-24
24xDW18L 20.5-24
24.5″ one-piece 24.5X8.twenty five 11R24.5
24.5X11.seventy five 385/55R24.5 385/55R24.5
24.5X13.00 sixteen.5R24.5 425/65R24.5
26″ one-piece 26xW12 thirteen.6-26
26xW13 fourteen.9-26
DW20x26 23.1-26  24L-26
DW25X26 30.5L-26  28L-26
26.5″ one-piece 26.5×20.00 600/fifty five-26.5
26.5×24.00 seven-hundred/fifty-26.5
28″ one-piece 28xW10 12.4-28
28xW11 twelve.4-28
28xW12 thirteen.6-28
28xW13 14.9-28
28xW14L sixteen.9-28
DW15LX28 16.9-28
30″ one-piece 30xW12 13.6-thirty
30xW14L 16.9-30
DW14X30 16.9-30
30xW15L 18.4-30
30xW16L eighteen.4-30
30.5″ one-piece 30.5X20.00 600/fifty-30.5  800/60-30.five
30.5×24.00 650/eighty-30.5  seven-hundred/50-30.5  750/60-thirty.5
30.5×28.00 800/forty five-thirty.5  800/fifty five-30.5  850/fifty-30.5
32″ one-piece 32xW10 twelve.4-32
32xW12 13.6-32
DW21x32 24.5R32  680/70R32  680/75R32 
DW27X32 thirty.5L-32  800/65R32
34″ one-piece 34xW14L 16.9-34
34xW15L 18.4-34
DW15X34 16.9-34
38″ one-piece 38xW11 13.6-38
38xW12 13.6-38
38xW15L sixteen.9-38
38xW16L 18.4-38
DW11X38 12.4-38
DW15LX38 sixteen.9-38
DW16X38 eighteen.4-38


Created for adjustable (minimize duration) capacity. Interchangeability to suit most competitor versions. Available in splined and square shaft profiles. Straightforward lock security structure that can be assembled or disassembled rapidly and easily with simple tools such as keys, coins or screwdrivers. The Prolonged Lubrication Electronic Package decreases downtime with fifty-250 hour lubrication intervals and a large temperature triple lip seal for far better grease retention. Supply expert engineering and sales support to clients.
china shop Farm Tractor Rim, Agricultural Tractor Rim, AG Rim, Steel Rim manufacturers