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Solution Description

Laser CZPT CZPT Rust Remover CZPT  

Automated runnng, straightforward set up, control and procedure. When CZPT on, just open up the gadget, you can cleanse without having incorporating chemical reagent, medium, dust, drinking water. The laser cleansing device can clear the surface area resin, oil, grime, filth, rust, coating, coating, paint, and so forth.
Flat and curved area are cleaned completely. CZPT rust removal device(laser cleansing device) is with moveable laser gun.


Item Application of laser cleaning device

1. CZPT or glass area coating elimination, fast removal of paint

2. Quick rust elimination and CZPT oxides

3. Get rid of grease, resin, gum, dust, stains, and make residue

four. Roughening of steel area

five. Just before welding or bonding, remove paint, rust, grease, weld oxide, residue treatment

6. Mould cleaning, this sort of as tire mould, electronic mildew, meals mould

seven. Right after the generation of precision elements, oil removing

8. Swift cleansing of nuclear CZPT unit upkeep

9. Aerospace weapons, procedures for the manufacture or routine maintenance of ships, elimination of paint, rust elimination

10. CZPT floor cleaning in narrow room

eleven. Cultural relics cleansing, rock cleaning, exterior cleansing of properties.

Laser Head Picture and Measurement

Total CZPT Photo and Dimension

Gain Comparison

Item Laser CZPT ing  Chemical CZPT ing Mechanical  Polish Dry CZPT (CO2) CZPT ing Ultrasonic cleansing
Cleaning Technique Laser and CZPT -get in touch with kind Chemical agent,Get in touch with CZPT ing Mechanical/ abrasive paper, make contact with cleansing Dry CZPT (CO2), CZPT -get in touch with kind Cleaning agent,Contact variety
Damage for workpiece No damage With damage With injury No damage No hurt
Cleansing Performance Substantial Low Reduced Medium Medium
Consumable Just with CZPT ctricity  Chemical cleaning agent abrasive paper grinding wheel, oilstone Dry CZPT (CO2) Unique CZPT ing Agent
Effective Exceptional with high cleanliness Frequent,
Widespread, CZPT -uniform Exceptional , non-uniform Outstanding , small cleansing region
Accuracy  Precise Manage, CZPT Precision Non-management,
Lowe Accuracy
Frequent Precision
Lowe Precision
Can not distinct in unique location
Protection / Pollution No Pollution  Atmosphere Air pollution Surroundings Air pollution No Air pollution No Air pollution
Handling by workers  Easy Operation,
Handheld / Automation
Intricate process,It is with substantial need for operator, should have preventive measure  With much labor price and have to have preventive measure Simple Procedure, Handheld / Automation Basic Procedure, but have to include consumables
Cost Comparison  Higher 1st CZPT , No consumables , 
Lower Maintenance Price
Low very first expenditure, Very CZPT Consumables cost  Substantial first CZPT , large consumables price & high labor cost Medium first CZPT , large consumables expense Minimal 1st expense, Medium Consumables value

Applicable discipline and content:

Components: metal and CZPT metallic
Industries: Shipbuilding industry, CZPT Component, CZPT Mould, CZPT level  CNC machining,  tools, Tyre mold, Rail, CZPT al CZPT business, CZPT & Non-metallic components, and so on.

Item Parameter

Equipment product

LBQX-five hundred

Laser CZPT






Fiber CZPT Supply

 MAX /RAYCUS/IPG) of laser cleaning machine

Laser Wavelength

 1064 nm

Cooling Technique




Drinking water CZPT


Cooling H2o



Deionized water

Deionized drinking water

Deionized water

Total CZPT






Scan Width






Fat of CZPT ing Head

4.5kg of laser cleaning machine

H2o Temperature


Cleansing Samples:

Packing Element

Business Profile

HangZhou Label CZPT CZPT & CZPT nology Co.,Ltd. has been specialized in studying and manufacturing industrial laser marking equipments, laser processing equipments and giving marking remedies for CZPT ers considering that 2006.

Why choose us

A. More than 16 years laser marking, cleaning, processing, manufacturing, study and design and style wealthy experience. 
B. Professional specialized team for CZPT ized industrial laser marking program.

C. Much more than 3000+marking remedy instances gathered in domestic and oversea marketplaces.

D. one hundred% stringent QC for equally uncooked resources and finished items.

E. Utility Design Patent Certificates,concerned 3M Flexible label paper marking,Nameplate CZPT marking ,Engine cylinder block and head pass-kind automobile marking,Automobile solid wheel hubs go-variety auto marking, copyright of personal computer software program,and so on.

F. ISO,CE,SGS licensed and complete aftersales services group.


Q1: What type of the device ideal for us?
Make sure you explain to us what substance will be processed. Sample with cleansing pictures and video clips will be despatched to you for checking. 
Q2: If we do not know how to use the machine,can you instruct us?
Of course, we will. Our user manuals are together with products cargo. We can also send out operation movie to you for examine.

If you come to CZPT factory in CZPT , CZPT professionals will supply you free of charge instruction till you can use equipment freely.
Our skilled engineer can occur to your country for trainning, set up, adjusting, ect.

Q3: How about the supply time?
For normal device, direct time is fifteen-20 times. 
Relating to CZPT ized machine, we want to verify with specialists.

 Some of Our CZPT s: 





PTO shafts fluctuate in size and you will need to have to discover a matching coupling to drag. Attaching the resource to the tractor should be effortless. If you have to elevate the system off the floor to join to the driveshaft, or if the driveshaft is way too extended, forcing the connection could injury each. If you have an present PTO shaft helpful, it is effortless to confirm your length. Near it and evaluate from PTO yoke to yoke.
china near me shop Laser Clean Laser Rust Remover Machine 200W 500W 1000W 2000W manufacturers