china near me 13.00X17 Wheel Implement Wheel Rim 15.0/55-17 Tyre Wheel for Baler, Spreader, Feedmixer and Trailer Wheels manufacturers

Merchandise Description

With presence in over 70 nations across 6 continents, HangZhou J&G CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd has CZPT ly developed up an One-quit expert supplier of a broad selection of tires & wheels, and axles in CZPT . We are to deliver excellent worth to CZPT CZPT ers via focus on items, innovation, technologies and value effective manufacturing and distribution techniques.

We are specially skilled in agricultural wheel and tyres for trailer, tractor, harvester, combine, balers, spreader, feedmixers and many others. Now CZPT goods export far more than 70 countries and sixty% is for OE industry. 

Paint electro coat and rust safety cost color silver or CZPT er’s ask for.

Inch Description Wheels Tyres
15.5″ one-piece 15° DC  fifteen.5X13.00 four hundred/60-fifteen.5
15.5X16.00 500/55-15.5
16.5″ one-piece 15° DC 16.5X8.25 9.50R16.5 10-16.5
sixteen.5X9.75 12-sixteen.5EM 33X12.50R16.5
sixteen.5X12 36×14.5-sixteen.five
17.5″ one-piece 15° DC seventeen.5X6.00HC 215/75R17.5   8R17.five
17.5X6.75HC 9R17.5   9.5R17.5
19.5″ one-piece 15° DC 19.5X11.75 15R19.5
19.5X6.00 8R19.five
19.5X6.75 8R19.5   245/70R19.5   235/75R19.five
19.5X7.50 10R19.5 265/70R19.5  
19.5X8.25 285/70R19.5
19.5X13.00 fifteen.0X19.five
19.5X14.00 425/55R19.5   435/50R19.5 445/45R19.5 18-19.5 MPT
22.5″ one-piece 15° DC 22.5X5.five  
22.5X6.00 eight.5R22.5
22.5X6.seventy five 9R22.5 
22.5X7.fifty 10R22.5
22.5X8.25    11R22.5
22.5X9.00     12R22.5   315/80R22.5  
22.5X9.seventy five 315/80R22.5
22.5X11.twenty five fifteen-22.5 15R22.5  16.5/70R22.5 350/60R22.5 365/70R22.5 400/55R22.5 375/90R22.5 385/65R22.5 385/55R22.5   425R22.five
22.5X12.25  425/65R22.5
22.5X13.00 16.5R22.5 16.5/70R22.5 400/55R22.5 425/65R22.5
22.5X13.5 15-22.5 16.5-22.5
22.5X14.00   18R22.5 415/45R22.5   425/65R22.5 435/45R55.5 445/75R22.5
22.5X16.00  22.5-twenty five.5 500/forty five-22.5 500/60R22.5 550/45-22.5 550/60-22.five
22.5X20.00   600/50-22.5, 600/55-22.5   650-fifty-22.five
22.5X24.00 seven-hundred/forty-22.5   750/45-22.5
24.5″ one-piece 15° DC 24.5X8.25 11R24.5
24.5X11.75 385/55R24.5 385/55R24.5
24.5X13.00 16.5R24.5 425/65R24.five
26.5″ one-piece 15° DC 26.5X20.00 600/fifty five-26.5
26.5X24.00 seven hundred/50-26.5   750/forty five-26.five

Paint electro coat and rust defense cost shade silver or CZPT er’s ask for.

Size Sort Description Tyres
12″ one-piece 4Jx12 5.00-twelve
5Jx12 7.00-12  6.00-twelve
7.00×12 ten./seventy five-12  ten./eighty-twelve
eight.50×12 eleven./sixty five-12
ten.50ix12 26×12.00-twelve
13″ one-piece 13x4J five.50-13
13X4.5J 5.50-13      165SR13
fourteen” one particular-piece 14×4.5J six.50-fourteen
15″ one-piece 4Jx15 five.00-15
5Jx15 six.5/eighty-15
6LBx15 7.5L-15       
7Jx15 eight./seventy five-fifteen
8LBx15 27×10.50-15      11L-15
10LBx15 twelve.5L-15      29×12.50-15    31×11.fifty-15
13LBx15 33×15.5-15    31×15.fifty-15
fifteen.3″ one particular-piece 15.3X9.00 ten./75-15.3  eleven.5/80-15.3  twelve.5/eighty-fifteen.3
fifteen.5″ one particular-piece 15.5×13.00 400/sixty-15.five
16″ one-piece 16×4.5E six.00-16      6.fifty-sixteen
5.50Ex16 seven.50-16
W7x16 210/80R16
W8x16 240/65R16  9./70-16  ten./75-16  ten.00-16  10.5/65-sixteen
W9x16 285/70R16  11.00-16
17″ one-piece 17×13 fifteen./55-seventeen
17×16 19./45-17  five hundred/50-17
18″ one-piece 18×9 10.5/eighty-18  12.5/80-eighteen
18×11 thirteen.00/sixty five-18
18×13 fifteen.5/60-eighteen 405/70R18
18xW9 twelve.5/80-18
20″ one-piece 20xW7 eight.3-20
20xW8 9.fifty-twenty
20x8J nine.50-twenty
20xW9 eleven.2-twenty
20×13.00 405/70-20  420/65R20  425/75R20   
20.5″ one-piece twenty.5×14 465/65R20.five
22″ one particular-piece 22xW8H  
22.5″ one-piece 22.5×11.seventy five 15R22.5  365/70R22.5  385/65R22.five
22.5×13.00 16.5R22.5  425/65R22.5  415/45R22.5
22.5×14.00 18R22.5  465/65R22.5
22.5×16.00 500/sixty-22.5  550/60-22.5  550/forty five-22.5
22.5×20.00 600/50-22.5  650/fifty-22.5  600/55-22.5
22.5×24.00 seven-hundred/fifty-22.five
24″ one-piece 24xW7 eight.3-24
24xW8 nine.fifty-24
24xW10 11.2-24
24xW12 thirteen.6-24
24xW14L sixteen.9-24
DW15LX24 sixteen.9-24
24xDW16L 19.5L-24
24xDW18L twenty.5-24
24.5″ one-piece 24.5X8.25 11R24.5
24.5X11.75 385/55R24.5 385/55R24.5
24.5X13.00 16.5R24.5 425/65R24.five
26″ one-piece 26xW12 13.6-26
26xW13 14.9-26
DW20x26 23.1-26  24L-26
DW25X26 30.5L-26  28L-26
26.5″ one-piece 26.5×20.00 600/55-26.five
26.5×24.00 seven hundred/50-26.five
28″ one-piece 28xW10 12.4-28
28xW11 12.4-28
28xW12 13.6-28
28xW13 fourteen.9-28
28xW14L sixteen.9-28
DW15LX28 16.9-28
30″ one-piece 30xW12 13.6-30
30xW14L 16.9-30
DW14X30 16.9-thirty
30xW15L 18.4-thirty
30xW16L 18.4-thirty
30.5″ one-piece 30.5X20.00 600/fifty-30.5  800/60-thirty.five
thirty.5×24.00 650/80-30.5  seven hundred/fifty-thirty.5  750/60-thirty.five
30.5×28.00 800/45-thirty.5  800/fifty five-30.5  850/50-30.5
32″ one-piece 32xW10 12.4-32
32xW12 13.6-32
DW21x32 24.5R32  680/70R32  680/75R32 
DW27X32 30.5L-32  800/65R32
34″ one-piece 34xW14L sixteen.9-34
34xW15L eighteen.4-34
DW15X34 16.9-34
38″ one-piece 38xW11 thirteen.6-38
38xW12 thirteen.6-38
38xW15L 16.9-38
38xW16L 18.4-38
DW11X38 12.4-38
DW15LX38 sixteen.9-38
DW16X38 18.4-38

1.Specifically made deep lugs supplies high traction, self cleaning houses and CZPT service lifestyle below most difficult doing work situations, like on-the-highway providers.

2.A substantial qiality raw material & sturdy nylon casing supplies exceptional stability and guards from mechanical failures.

The depth of tyre as subsequent for your reference.

Tyre Dimension Sample PR Sort Fitted Rim O.D (mm) S.W (mm)
five hundred/forty five-22.5 TRC-03 16 TL 16.00×22.5 1070 550
500/60-22.5 TRC-03 16 TL 16.00×22.5 1190 500
550/60-22.5 TRC-03 sixteen TL 16.00×22.5 1235 550
600/50-22.five TRC-03 sixteen TL twenty.00×22.five 1170 600
650/50-22.five TRC-03 16 TL twenty.00×22.five 1125 645
600/fifty five-22.five TRC-03 16 TL twenty.00×22.five 1238 600
700/fifty five-22.five TRC-03 sixteen TL 24.00×22.5 1238 seven hundred
700/40-22.five TRC-03 16 TL 24.00×22.5 1170 seven hundred
600/fifty five-26.5 TRC-03 16 TL 20.00×26.five 1333 600
seven hundred/50-26.five TRC-03 16 TL 24.00×26.five 1333 seven-hundred
800/45-26.5 TRC-03 16 TL 28.00×26.five 1343 800
650/sixty five-30.5 TRC-03 sixteen TL twenty.00×30.five 1650 650
750/60-30.5 TRC-03 16 TL 24.00×30.five 1650 750
850/50-thirty.five TRC-03 sixteen TL 28.00×30.five 1650 850



The parameters of fitted rims as below, more parameters, please kindly make contact with with us.

Wheel Size Fitted Tyre Bolt Hole P.C.D Centre Hole Dia. Thickness Offset
Amount Dia. Rim Disc
thirty.5×20.00 650/sixty five-30.5 ten 27 335 281 seven fifteen /-50
30.5×28.00 850/fifty-thirty.five ten 27 335 281 seven 15 /-fifty


All the adhering to dimensions of agricultural tyres also can be supplied by us.










600/fifty five-26.five

seven hundred/50-26.5

800/forty five-26.5






And except the tyres, we also can offer the rims which match with the agricultural tyres. Beneath are some measurements of agricultural rims for your reference, a lot more dimensions and data about the rims, please really feel easy to contact with us.



















More particulars and info, welcome to contact with us 🙂


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china near me 13.00X17 Wheel Implement Wheel Rim 15.0/55-17 Tyre Wheel for Baler, Spreader, Feedmixer and Trailer Wheels manufacturers