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Merchandise Description

OTR CZPT CZPT Wheel Rim (33-28.00/3.5)

Metal OTR Wheel Rim Assortment:

one, CZPT Responsibility 3 piece wheel rims: 24-10.00/1.7, 25-twelve.00/1.3, twenty five-fourteen.00/1.5, 25-seventeen.00/1.7

two, Medium Obligation huge wheel rims: 39-32.00/4.5, 45-36.00/4.5, forty nine-17.00/3.5, 49-19.50/4.

three, Medium Duty 3 piece wheel rims:

     20″ series: 20-8.5/1.7, 20–10.00/1.7, 20-eleven.25/1.7, 20-thirteen.00/1., twenty-8./2.

     21″ sequence: 21-17.00/2., 21-18.00/1.7 

     22″ collection: 22-seventeen.00/2.  

     23′ collection: 23-eleven.00/2., 23-eighteen.00/2.

     24″ sequence: 24-8.5/1.7, 24-10.00/1.7, 24-eleven.25/2.0 

     twenty five” collection: twenty five-8.5/1.5, twenty five-ten.00/1.5, 25-12.00/1.3, twenty five-fourteen.00/1.5, 25-seventeen.00/1.7, 25-17.00/2., and so forth

     26″ sequence : 26-twenty.00/1.1

four, Medium Responsibility 5 piece wheel rims: 

     twenty five” collection: 25-10.00/1.5, twenty five-eleven.twenty five/2.,  25-13.00/2.5, 25-fourteen.00/1.5, twenty five-seventeen.00/2., 25-19.fifty/2.5, and many others

five, CZPT obligation Split: 21-11.twenty five/2., 21-17.00/2., twenty five-11.00/1.5, 25-19.fifty/2.five

six, CZPT duty 3 piece wheel rims:
     15″ sequence: 15-11.5/1.five

     20″ series: 20-8.5/1.7, twenty–10.00/1.7 

     24″ collection: 24-8.5/1.7, 24-ten.00/1.7, 24-8.5/2., 24-ten.00/2.

     25″ series: twenty five-11.twenty five/2.

7, CZPT obligation 5 piece wheel rims :

     25″ series: 25-eleven.25/2., twenty five-13.00/2.5, 25-fifteen.00/3., 25-17.00/2., twenty five-19.00/2.5, and so forth   

     29″ series: 29-24.00/3., 29-25.00/3.5, 29-27.00/3.5  

     33″ collection: 33-13.00/2.5, 33-28.00/3.five

     35″ sequence: 35-15.00/3., 35-17.00/3.five

eight, CZPT responsibility Large 

     51″ sequence: 51-22.00/4.5, fifty one-24.00/5., fifty one-26.00/5., fifty one-forty.00/4.5

     fifty seven” collection: fifty seven-27.00/6., fifty seven-29.00/6., 57-32.00/5., 57-32.00/6., fifty seven-36.00/6., and so forth

     sixty three” series: 63-41.00/5., 63-44.00/5..

By Application:

Port CZPT Wheels:
    24″ serise: 24-8.5/1.7, 24-10.00/1.7, 24-ten.00/2.
    25″ serise: 25-11.twenty five/2., twenty five-13.00/2.5, 25-15.00/3.
    33″ seriese: 33-13.00/2.five
    35″ seriese: 35-fifteen.00/3.
    49″ seriese: forty nine-19.50/4.

Massive CZPT Wheels:
    45″ serise: 45-36.00/4.5(Komatus WA800)
    49″ serise: 49-seventeen.00/3.5(CAT777),  49-19.fifty/4.(Komatus 785-7)
    51″ serise: 51-24.00/5.(CAT785), fifty one-26.00/5.(SGE170)
    57″ serise: 57-27.00/6.(Terex MT3700), fifty seven-29.00/6.(CAT789), fifty seven-32.00/6.(CAT793)
    63″  serise: 63-forty four.00/5.(CAT797)

Profile Section Areas:
    1. Rolling Segment, large toughness and dependable quality
    2. The substance for gutter section, back again part, bead seat band and flanges are produced from Q345D
    3. The content of locking is manufactured from 50Mn

The Process
    1. All areas such as the gutter section, back again part, middle bands, conquer seat bands and flanges are machined by the state of artwork  CNC machines. 
    2. All of the weld beads need to be inspected by ultrasonic dection, the magnetic and X-ray will be used in the important weld bead if they are required
    3. Every wheel have to be cleaned by sandblasting before it is hanged on the portray line. All of the wheels are painted with expoxy resin electrophoretic primer or base coat, a topcoat( CZPT and soaked) and painted to CZPT specification

  CZPT land is identified as a tyre and wheel expert for agriculture, construction, content dealing with, market, mining, trailer and other specials. CZPT ized wheels and assembly services are also CZPT . CZPT ing reliable higher good quality and tough tyres for CZPT CZPT ers is essential to us. In this situation, CZPT land constantly operate with quality companies to guarantee the optimum standards are met and managed.

  With a long time growth and support experience, CZPT land has turn into a expert company delivering tire and wheel to all in excess of the entire world such as Trelleborg, AGCO, CZPT . 

  Our factory is geared up with the world’s most CZPT d generation equipments this kind of as rim forming device, lazer chopping equipment, spinning equipment, as effectively as CZPT d wheel detection and screening methods. The raw components are all acquired from internationally renowned companies, which effectively assure the top quality of the merchandise.

  We actively consider component in CZPT demestic and overseas wheel and machinery exhibitions, sincerely showing CZPT wheel and tire merchandise to CZPT each and every valuded CZPT er. You are usually welcomed to take a search at CZPT booth. We think you will be attracted by us. 

  Quality is CZPT priority. 
  Drawing will be supplied on receipt of your asked for wheel dimension and specs these kinds of as bolt holes, PCD, hub bore, offset, etc. CZPT ized wheels are CZPT . Assembly provider is CZPT .

OASISLAND Your specialist in wheel system remedies.
OASISLAND materials all kinds of tyres and wheels like CZPT ized tyres and wheels to all above the entire world.  

An agricultural electrical power take-off (PTO) drivetrain is a driveshaft-kind device that connects the tractor to the employ that demands to be operated. The relationship presented by the driveline allows the device to attract electrical power directly from the tractor’s engine. Just like hydraulic machinery, a PTO’s drivetrain can ultimately fall short owing to the rigors of everyday agricultural initiatives, necessitating replacement or restore. When it is time to exchange or restore a PTO drivetrain, it is important to select the correct factors for the particular gear in use.
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