china Custom Stainless Steel Johnson Vee Wire Screen for Environmental Protection Industry manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Stainless Steel Johnson Vee Wire Screen For CZPT al CZPT Business

Jonson Vee Monitor Thread CZPT s To Oil Properly CZPT Steel 
Johnson Vee Wire Display screen Merchandise Description:
Wire Wrap Wound Johnson CZPT Steel Effectively Screens For CZPT Equipment is produced by winding chilly-rolled wire, around triangular in cross area, about a round array of the CZPT itudinal rods. The wire is connected to the rods by welding, making rigid one particular-piece models obtaining high power characteristics at minimal weights.There is a set benefit slot among every single v wire, and the continuous slot, made to offer highest open up are to lessen entrance velocity, improve hydraulic effectiveness and market much more successful improvement.
Johnson Vee Wire Display Specification:

Material Stainless metal
Grade 304
O.D 600mm
Dimensions 600mm
Slot measurement 1.0mm
Duration 1500 m
Finish relationship None
Wire dimension 93 #
Support rod 118 #
Wire form V form


Johnson Vee Wire Screen Attribute:

  • Continuous uninterrupted hole, clean movement
  • The hole is v-shaped, the outside is small, the inside is large, and it is not easy to block.
  • The size can be CZPT ized according to CZPT er specifications, one particular-piece molding
  • Solder joints are welded by electric powered resistance, and the solder joints are agency and not straightforward to drop off.
  • wedged wires are spirally wound around a cage of CZPT itudinal help rods in succession which shaped higher-density uniformed slots and keep away from clogging. So that the higher manufacturing effectiveness and CZPT lifestyle services of the effectively are guaranteed.
  • the profile can be produced of diverse styles like, wedge formed, round, bar shaped, and can accompany with the wrap wire in accordance to distinct software.

Johnson Vee Wire Screen OEM support:
Remember to explain to us the specification of the wire display you need to have, and we will support you to approach the higher high quality items.
Johnson Vee Wire Monitor Customized assortment
Filter pipe substance: mainly stainless metal, carbon steel galvanized, carbon metal spray or other CZPT er needs substance.
Gap: .1mm-15mm, arbitrarily picked display screen dimensions to meet up with distinct development specifications.
Diameter: 2 ” 3 ” 4 ” 5 ” 6 ” 8 ” 10 ” twelve ” 14 ” sixteen ” 20 “. 29 mm – 1000 mm.
Duration: 2.9 M, 5.eighty five M. Up to 6 M.
Link sort: groove link/weld ring link or thread relationship.
Johnson Vee Wire Display screen Application:
Water industry
Meals market
Environmental safety

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china Custom Stainless Steel Johnson Vee Wire Screen for Environmental Protection Industry manufacturers