china Cost Stainless Steel 205 / 304 / 316 / 316L Slot Water Well Johnson Screen Pipe for Well Drilling manufacturers

Product Description

Stainless Metal 205 / 304 / 316 / 316L rapped Wedge Wire Slot H2o Properly Johnson Display Pipe for Drinking water and Oil Nicely Drilling

Stainless Metal 205 / 304 / 316 / 316L Slot Water Properly Johnson Display Pipe is made by winding chilly-rolled wire, around triangular in cross part, all around a circular array of the CZPT itudinal rods. The wire is connected to the rods by welding, generating rigid a single-piece models obtaining substantial toughness characteristics at minimal weights.The wire is connected to the rods by welding, generating rigid one-piece models obtaining higher power traits at minimum weights.There is a fastened worth slot between every single v wire, and the constant slot, developed to provide greatest open are to decrease entrance velocity, enhance hydraulic effectiveness and encourage much more efficient advancement.




Material Stainless steel
Quality 205, 304, 304L, 316L, 321, Duplex stainless steel
O.D 89mm 117mm 219mm 273mm 325mm
Measurement 3-1/2″ 4-1/2″ 8-5/8 ” ten-3/4″ 12″
Slot size .5 mm,.63mm, .75mm, 1.0mm
Size 2.9m / 5.8 m, one hundred-6000mm
Finish connection Welded rings
Wire size sixty three# ninety three# 118 #
Support rod a hundred and forty #
Wire shape V form


Standard Requirements:














Excess weight






3-1/2 88.9 one. 3 >22 ten.2 2.3*3.5 three.8MM/22
four-1/2 114.3 1. three >28 eleven.five 2.3*3.five 3.8MM/22
six-5/eight 168.3 .75 five.8 >40 12.8 2.3*3.5 3.8MM/32
six-5/8 168.3 1. five.8 >33 twelve.eight two.3*3.5 3.8MM/32
six-5/eight 168.three .sixty three five.eight >83 forty five three.2*6. 6.0MM*32
eight-5/8 219.1 one. 5.eight >34 21.nine 2.3*3.five 3.8MM/48
8-5/eight one. five.8 >50 38.two three.*5. four.0MM/forty eight
8-5/eight 219.1 one. five.eight >60 forty six 3.2*6. 5.0MM/48
ten-3/4 273.1 .75 five.8 >50 32.9 two.3*3.5 4.9MM/fifty five
10-3/4 one. five.8 >60 39.five 3.*5. 4.9MM/fifty five
ten-3/4 273.1 1. 5.8 >100 forty eight three.2*6. five.0MM/fifty five
twelve-3/four 323.nine 1. 5.eight >120 37.2 3.*5. 4.0MM/50
14 355.six one. 3 >80 37.8 3.*5. four.0MM/59




Not effortless to jam

the special V formed wire, make the hole of screen exterior face is more compact than inside of, so the gap is not easy to jam.

Slot even

The CNC machine instruments strictly control the gap in between the wire, so that the gap is even.

Robust corrosion resistance

Stainless steel 304 have the high corrosion resistance




one. CZPT oil, sand oil, mild oil, SAGD, CBM, biHangZhou, thermal

two. Water injection, bi-modal sand, carbonates, skinny spend

three. Horizontal, vertical , deviated oil and gasoline and drinking water wells


OEM service:


Remember to inform us the specification of the wire screen you want, and we will help you to method the higher quality products.

Custom made selection

Filter pipe substance: largely stainless metal, carbon steel galvanized, carbon steel spray or other CZPT er needs materials.

Hole: .1mm-15mm, arbitrarily selected display screen dimension to fulfill various development specifications.

Diameter: 2 ” 3 ” 4 ” 5 ” 6 ” 8 ” ten ” twelve ” fourteen ” sixteen ” 20 “. 29 mm – one thousand mm.

Length: 2.9 M, 5.eighty five M. Up to 6 M.

Link form: groove link/weld ring relationship or thread connection.


PROFILE WIRE                 
WIDTH(mm) 1.fifty 1.fifty two.30 2.30 1.80 three.00 3.70 3.30
Top(mm) two.20 2.50 2.70 three.60 4.thirty four.70 5.sixty 6.thirty


Assist ROD            Round
WIDTH(mm) 2.30 two.thirty three.00 three.70 three.thirty Ø2.5–Ø5mm
Top(mm) 2.70 three.60 four.70 5.sixty six.30 —-

Engineering case:
XinLu Wire Mesh Items Co., Ltd. has many years of encounter in the revenue and analysis of filter media, particularly Johnson Drinking water CZPT , and its superb production and study capabilities guarantee the quality and precision of its goods.At current, the firm’s items have been marketed to HangZhouang, HangZhou, ZheJiang , Central Plains, North CZPT and other oil fields and exported to Algeria, Sudan, CZPT Arab Emirates and other countries.


Our manufacturing unit xinlu wire mesh goods co.,ltd positioned in Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. place , ZheJiang Province ,China .

Our largely goods are: stainless metal vee sharped wire /wrap wire, johnson screeen, h2o nicely display/rod based wire wrapped display, wedge wire display pipe, reverse wedge wire display, screen nozzle /h2o and gas strainer, sieve plate, slot mesh, ARC monitor, header and hub laterals & hub radial lateral , pipe foundation, crimped wire mesh / stainless metal wire mesh / perforated wire mesh and many others .

Created for adjustable (minimize duration) ability. Interchangeability to in shape most competitor designs. Offered in splined and sq. shaft profiles. Simple lock security framework that can be assembled or disassembled swiftly and very easily with straightforward instruments this kind of as keys, coins or screwdrivers. The Prolonged Lubrication Electronic Kit reduces downtime with fifty-250 hour lubrication intervals and a higher temperature triple lip seal for greater grease retention. Give professional engineering and product sales assist to consumers.
china Cost Stainless Steel 205 / 304 / 316 / 316L Slot Water Well Johnson Screen Pipe for Well Drilling manufacturers