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Product Description

Slip on flanges are a common kind of pipe flange made to accept pipe into the bore/middle of the flange for welding all around the two the Outer Diameter (OD) of the pipe and on the interior facet of the connection. You may possibly understand them:


The slip-on flange is a simple and outstanding substitute to a weld neck as it does not have a weld bevel, and for that reason makes it possible for the pipe to be adjusted in length relative to its position of the flange. The bore of the slip on will give enough sum of room for the matching pipe. This permits for ample operating place for the welder and fabricator to make the connection.


This flange variety is really frequent in decrease pressure programs. Most slip on style flanges will have a hub which will usually look equivalent dimensionally to a elevated confront. It can be furnished without having a hub if room is constrained and the application permits for a “ring design” slip on. Despite the fact that the hub fashion is a lot more typical when referring to a slip on, a ring fashion slip on with no a hub still falls underneath the classification of a slip on flange, and can be called out as you want. Slip ons in higher force lessons are usually made with the height of a lap joint for a better link. If the hub top is not a worry and a lap joint is not commonly CZPT , CZPT ers will at times decide for a slip on created to a lap joint type with a machined hub.


Slip on flanges are much more commonly found in lower pressure assemblies and become much less used when a greater pressure service phone calls for a superior relationship to the piping assembly. This is due to the fact a slip on style flange will take a pipe with a fillet weld relationship, whilst a weld neck flange will have a reinforced hub at the base and kind a weld bevel relationship directly to the butt weld end of a pipe. This tapered hub makes it possible for for more powerful service in a mechanical anxiety setting.

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china Cheap 316 Stainless Steel Flange So GOST 12821-80 Pn 16 manufacturers